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“Education is the process of learning and knowing. It is the anchor that holds life together through the choppy waters”. Dear parents, students and well wishers of St. Mary's Senior Secondary School, my prayerful greetings to all of you. First and foremost I would like to express my deep sentiments of gratitude to every one of you for your constant support, love and concern towards this Institute which enables and encourages us to strive hard to carry forward the mission of spreading value based knowledge to one and all....

  • enaya anees
    Class: 3-B
  • vaishnavi agarwal
    Class: 3-B
  • namanpreet
    Class: 5-B
  • baljeet
    Class: 6-C
  • tazalia
    Class: 6-A
  • tasmia
    Class: 6-B
  • bisma
    Class: 9-A
  • chahat
    Class: 10-B
  • ummay
    Class: 10-B
  • somya
    Class: 11-A
  • nandini
    Class: 12-C
  • dania
    Class: 12-B
  • zaiba
    Class: 3-B
  • sristhi bhatnager
    Class: UKG-B
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