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School History

School History

Carlo Tancredi Falleti, the Marquis of Barolo was born in Turin on October 26th, 1782. Right from his youth he distinguished himself for his intelligence, love for justice, attentiveness to the needs of the times and a strong tendency to promote and to do good. At Napoleon's court he met Guilia Colbert, a woman gifted with exquisite femininity and genuine spirituality. Finding in each other a harmony of profound values and ideals of life, they were married on 18th August, 1806.

Though being childless, their nuptial love vivified by faith and sustained by prayer led them to make their vast riches a gift of love towards others, especially the poor. The Barolo palace doors remained open for the miserable wretches and paupers of Turin.

While Carlo Tanchedi dedicated himself to others with generosity, especially during his activity as a municipal councillor and Mayor of Turin. Guilia was an angel of charity. She devoted herself for the welfare of the poor. The pious lady also worked for the upliftment of the prisoners to raise their moral standards and to restore order and discipline in the prison. Being great scholars themselves, the Barolos were passionately interested in educating the little ones and youth, especially the less privileged ones of Turin. This charitable religious zeal of the Marquis and Marchioness of Barolo enabled them to find the religious congregation of the sisters of St. Ann in the year 1834, to impart Christian education to children, to the youth and to render other charitable services required by the needs of the time.

Soon the congregation spread far and wide in Italy with institutions rendering humanitarian services through teaching, training and preparing the children and youth to be good citizens.

By 1861, the sisters of St. Ann had completed 27 years of their service in Italy. At this time in our history, there was a chosen one amongst the sisters, in whose able hands the responsibility to lead the congregation was entrusted. She was none other than Sr. Enrichetta Dominichi - the 2nd Mother and Co-founder of our institute.

God sketched an extraordinary personality from within the ordinary, fragile figure of this young nun and unto this day she remains as a model and source of inspiration for every sister of St. Ann in her pursuit of holiness.

Blessed Enrichetta was a woman of great missionary zeal and vision for a better world. During her three decade long leadership, the congregation explored various human needs and reached out to different parts of the world to spread the message of love and brotherhood.

Mother Enrichetta's wildest dream was to be a missionary in India. Owing to her responsibility as Mother General, she did not actually leave to be a missionary but became the creator and inspirer of her religious family's missionary apostolate. It was she who blessed and sent the first missionary sisters to India in the year 1871. On 22nd Feb, 1871, the sisters of St. Ann set their foot on the Indian soil at Secunderabad. It was a humble beginning. A small, poor seed like the grain of mustard seed in the Gospel, which was soon to grow into a great plant and god blessed its growth as it expanded to various parts of India. Today, our presence is there at various cities and villages of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Bihar and Assam.

Our sisters work predominantly for all the poor in our dispensaries, hospitals and home for the aged.

Every country in the world can offer infinite opportunities of Christian witness and the sisters of St. Ann make sure that they act in accordance with the local church in each of the environments in which they live and work. Being a member of the international community, they spread the church catholicity and universality of love by their presence and service in India, the Philippines, the U.S.A., Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Cameron, Switzerland and Italy.

The founders of the sisters of St. Ann pointed the way to world horizons, 'vast and far reaching as the gaze of God' and so they are now, ready to launch out new seas, encouraged by the words of their co-founders addressed to each and all, 'Forge ahead, with generous hearts’.

St. Mary's Senior Secondary School, Moradabad is an Educational Institution, run by the catholic minority community, named after the sisters of St. Ann, established in the year 1954 and is affiliated to and recognised by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The sisters have their houses in Italy, India, USA, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Philippines and Cameroon fulfilling its mission of Christian formation of children and youth and at the same time renders other charitable services like health care, social work and education for the poor.

In India, it has several schools in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and an autonomous university and a number of colleges.