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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear Parents, teachers and students,

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” —Malcolm X

Education is the main foundation of our life. The child is the main centre of today's education system. Both parents and teachers are equally responsible for the all round development of a child. This is because today's child is evaluated not only in terms of his/her academic performance but also in terms of his/her behavior. Therefore, schools give all the facilities to the students, so that their interests can be developed constructively.

Today's parents are very busy in their daily pursuits; but it is the need of the hour that parents pay attention to their children and spend quality time with them. Parents need to be friendly with your children and understand their problems. Always consider the positive qualities of children. The positive attitude of the teachers and parents can make the life of the child successful.

Education is the key to improving the lives of people at different stages. The right education provides skills for employment, opportunities for innovation and alleviates poverty at both the individual and societal levels. The kind of education which enables the young to cope best with the world is the one that does not pre-suppose the idea of human progress in purely material terms or promote blind faith.

It has been rightly said by Nelson Mandela, 'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world'. The student community in particular should remember that your academic and other achievements in life should always be oriented towards service. The nation can progress only if there are such selfless souls to uplift our country. We expect our students to grow up as nation builders through selfless service. In the long run with that noble intention, they will surely attain true greatness.

 St. Mary’s Sr. Sec. School provides every opportunity and facility to tap the latent potentials and capacities of every student. As they grow up to be full-fledged youth, before leaving the Marian’s portals I invite and challenge you to do something worthwhile and to become someone great.

Sr.Anisha Thomas.