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  Regarding Uniform.                                              Principal's office hours: Mon to Fri:- 9:30 am to 10:30 am , Sat- With Prior Appointment.                                              Fee timings.                                           

Rules & Discipline

Rules & Discipline

The pupils must arrive at the school at least five minutes before the first bell.

Students must be clean and tidy in person, dress and manners. They must wear the correct school uniform daily.

Children whose uniforms are dirty or students without the school uniform will not be permitted to sit in the class.

The students should always keep their books clean and well covered. Scribbling on books, desks, walls etc. is strictly forbidden. It shows a want of good breeding and is highly prejudicial to the good tone of the school. The student who has damaged desks, tables etc. must make good the damage.

No child is allowed to leave the classroom without the teacher's permission and the school premises without the permission of the Principal. No pupil will be called to answer phone calls during class hours.

No collection for any purpose whatsoever is to be started and no meeting, demonstration, party, excursion, picnic to be organised without the prior permission of the Principal.

No child will be excused from games, drill etc. unless a medical certificate is produced. Those pupils availing themselves of the exemption must remain with the other students.

The students are expected to converse in English in the school premises. Refinement of manners, habit of obedience, order and neatness in person, dress and punctuality are required at all times.

Other Disciplinary Measures

All photographs to be used for the school purpose and attestation to be done in school uniform. Cyclists are strictly forbidden to ride in the school premises. The Students who have damaged desks, tables etc. must make good the damage. No pupil is allowed to go home during class hours unless the request is made by the parents for genuine reasons.