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Message by head girl

Message by head girl

It fills me with immense pleasure to be the head girl of St Mary's Senior secondary school and I promise to do all my duties with devotion and sheer determination. First and foremost I'd like to thank the Almighty God for his benevolence and further to our sister manager Sr. Bindu, sister principal Sr. Anisha ,the guiding force of our institution, vice principal Sister Nirmala, for the trust and the confidence that they've placed in me. I want to thank all of my teachers and my fellow students for their support.

Indeed a great responsibility is bestowed upon me and I see this as an opportunity to prove myself. The school has nurtured me as a person for more than twelve years now, it goes without saying what I owe to it is immeasurable and now it's my turn to do my best and to prove myself.

"Leadership isn't a quality that you're born with it's a skill that is developed through constant growth and learning".

And we all can be great leaders. Together we can bring a positive change in the world.

I promise to stick to the motto of our school and will work for the country and for the greater glory of God.

Having firm belief, I fully dedicate myself candidly in serving the institution and will keep the banner of our school flying high.

Alfiya Khan (XII-A)