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Our Founders

Our Founders

THE FOUNDERS OF THE SISTERS OF ST. ANN (Founded: 10th December, 1834)

During the era of Napolean Bonaparte, a noble, royal and rich couple: Marquis Carlo Tancredi Falletti di Barolo (Italian) and Marchioness Giulia Colbert Falletti di Barolo (French), were led by the Divine Intervention of God, to start the Institute of The Sisters of St. Ann in 1834, for the cause of education of children and the youth and to give them a sound moral character.


Anne, blessed above all others, we too bring our reverence, for you have given birth to the girl from whom he will come who is the basis of all our hope. Blessed indeed, above all others and blessed in your offspring! The tongues of all believers sing the praises of your child. Every voice is raised in joy at her birth. How worthy Anne is of praise, most worthy, for she received the message of God’s goodness and brought forth such fruit that from it would come our Lord, Jesus. — St. John of Damascus (8th cent).